Summer Academy 2016

This year was the very first time I was allowed to go to the Summer Academy at Bent Branderup’s place in Denmark. It was amazing! At first it felt unreal. Something you have been looking forward to for many years suddenly becomes real. With the days I started to feel more at ease thanks to my friendly colleagues.

It was really interesting and instructive to watch Bent Branderup train his own horses. Some of the members of the knighthood also gave and received lessons. Furthermore we have had two most interesting lectures and multiple discussions about the horse’s anatomy. All in all it was really inspiring to take home and test it myself. The icing on the cake was Christopher Dahlgren who rode his mastertest in front of us. It was beautiful!

The most important lesson I learned and decided to take home, was about the training of the schoolhalt. This is an exercise where Vingino and I got stuck on for quite some time. Vingino does shift his weight back and bends his hip joint, but he keeps his knees and hocks stif. Now I have learned that horses lock their knees while standing still. So now it is up to me to convince Vingino not to do so and train the schoolhalt with a more forward idea.


Squire Joëlle de Sterke Squire Joëlle de Sterke

In the end at the round table I was made an official Squire in the Academic art of riding. 😀

Squire Joëlle de Sterke WhatsApp-Image-20160806 (5a)

red line

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