Clinic Bent Branderup September 2016

Last weekend Vingino and I participated again in the Bent Branderup clinic. The past few weeks we have been busy improving the schoolhalt and the bending of his hindlegs. Coincidental the first saturday in September is also Truckersday in our region. This day truck drivers take mentally disabled people for a ride in one big parade. During our first lesson there was a lot of honking from the passing trucks, thus Vingino lost his concentration a lot during the exercises. Nevertheless, many horse trainers would have been jealous of how calm he remained during all this. This was a very important reminder for me to see how far we have already come. The lesson maybe didn’t go as planned, but you have to work with what you’ve got. Is he falling over his outside shoulder? Then we’ll just walk on the outside! Are his hindquarters coming to much in? Then we’ll just walk more in the back! Two-handed, one-handed, inside, outside, forward, backwards, everything is possible and we should be proud of that!

“You have a warhorse! He is responding to the sound of the horns!” -Bent Branderup

Handwerk Vingino Handwerk Vingino Handwerk Vingino Handwerk Vingino

In the second lesson we proceeded with training the schoolwalk and the bending of his hindlegs while riding. First collect him as much as you can from your seat, then use your legs and hands to help him. After all, it is tempting to use your hands and legs immediatly! Next we played with collection and extension in multiple exercises: travers, shoulder-in, renvers and pirouette. Vingino got more and more shoulderfreedom and in the last pirouette it felt like we could turn on a dime!

Rijden Vingino Rijden Vingino Rijden Vingino Rijden Vingino

red line

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