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Last week Ramona Knuivers from Equis Care came by to give Silla a massage. During my training I noticed that it is hard for Silla to relax. Not only mentally, but also physically. She takes hasty and short steps, finds it difficult to stretch her upperline and she responds quite violently if you try to correct her shoulders. Thus I decided to let someone else take a look at it.

Ramona is specialized in sport and relaxation massage, but looks beyond just the horse. Silla remains Silla: mentally stressed, impatient and not a fan of standing still for a long time. Ramona took this into account. With a few short breaks, some distraction and patience, Silla was able to enjoy her massage as optimal as possible without getting bored. At the same time, Silla reminded us that she is no ordinary horse. Places that are favorite to most horses meant nothing to her, but on the most unexpected parts of her body she really enjoyed her massage!

Silla massage Equis Care Silla massage Equis Care

During the massage it turned out that Silla had really tensed shoulders and hamstrings. She had also some tension in her jaw muscles en between the first and second vertebrae. Soon became apparent that one treatment would not be enough. Especially her shoulders and hamstrings were to tensed to stretch in the first time. During the second massage there was a noticeable progress in the space between her shoulders and the tension in her hamstrings. Still it was almost impossible for Silla to release her legs and stretch them.

Silla massage Equis Care Silla massage Equis Care

It is important for Silla that she learns that relaxation is nice. Currently she is stuck in a kind of vicious circle in which the nervousness of mind and the tension in her body feed eachother. If she learns to enjoy the relaxation she will be able to search for relaxation more herself, which will hopefully also calm her down mentally. That is why we decided to start a project with Silla: in the next six months after every three weeks of training she will get a massage, with the aim to calm her down mentally and learn her to relax and stretch her body.

Vicious circle Silla wrong Vicious circle Silla right


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