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For some time now I have had a crush on one of the other mares from Hanneke Knibbe. When I started training Silla and Tulipa, she still had a foal to look after and wasn’t able to train. In the meantime her foal has left and Tulipa has maternity leave. That is why a few weeks back Hanneke asked me: “Could you saddle break her?” With pleasure! Therefore I would like to introduce you to my newest training horse Barca!

Barca is a seven year old PRE mare with quite a lot of Yeguada Militar and Escalera in her bloodline. For Spanish standards she is quite a big mare (1.65m).
Her mother line origins from Cadiz, where the mares live in freedom in a large mountainous area. Barca herself was sold via Madrid to Belgium, where she ended up in a meadow with a two-year-old stallion and two other mares. She received barely any food, was awfully skinny and had developed eye problems and worms. This is when some Dutch woman took her in as a rescue horse.
Hanneke bought Barca when she was two years old, whereby Barca appeared to be pregnant from the two-year-old stallion. She had only a few months left to grow stronger. With a lot of luck and perseverance from Barca, the birth was a success. It took her many years to get over this awful start of her life, but in the end she caught up on her physical development. Nevertheless she is still very sensitive on her feet and she has a weak back. Barca is a real survivor and down-to-earth. Sometimes she hides in her shell, making it look like she is calm/relaxed, but she is really not! Last year Barca started showing a whole new side of her: self-conscious, curious and eager to learn. We gave her time to recuperate and now she is ready to work.

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