Farewell Silla

There is a quote about PRE horses: “Horse of kings, thief of hearts”. Silla is absolutely a thief of hearts. When I met Silla for the first time, I immediately fell in love with her. I saw a beautiful horse with character.
It wouldn’t take long until I learned how much ‘character’ she actually had. I started training a full-grown horse, but in reality she was still a baby. This didn’t make it any easier to convince her that I was in charge now. She wasn’t used to having someone in a higher rank than her and telling her what to do. With a lot of training, repetition and patience she turned into a completely different horse. She was no longer the horse that runs around like crazy because everything is scary, but a horse that trusts his trainer eventhough it might be a bit scary. This is why last month Silla and I started saddle breaking her for the first time. It was awesome to be sitting on her for the first time in a year! To feel the power that was underneath me, ready to storm away, but decided to stay with me.

Now Silla hasn’t just stolen Hanneke’s and my heart, but last month she also stole the heart of Eef Nibbelink. That’s why she will be spending the rest of her training and life with Eef at ‘de Paardenmaat’. Ofcourse it’s difficult as a trainer to let go of a horse, especially when you have just accomplished something beautiful. However I also believe that it is a trait of a good trainer to see when it’s enough. To be happy with whatever you and your student have accomplished and give them the opportunity to learn from other teachers. Both human and horse profit by changing teachers every now and then. To see what else is out there in this big world. You can learn something from everybody.

Dearest Silla, Thank you for all your wisdom and teachings and putting your trust in me. I wish you all the best! I’m sure I’ll see you again some day.

~ Always look forward ~

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