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 You can have a lesson with your own horse at your place or at my place. It is also possible to have a lesson with one of my schoolhorses.

Private lessons
30 min: €30
45 min: €40
60 min: €50
Card 5 x 30 min: €150
Card 5 x 60 min: €230

Group lessons
Child: €20
Adult: €25
(Group lessons always take 45 minutes and have minimum 2 , maximum 4 riders)

Within a radius of 10 kilometers no traveling expenses will be charged. €0,19 per kilometer will be charged outside of the radius.

Students receive a €5 discount on private lessons on presentation of a valid student card. Students do not receive an extra discount on products and services that are already offered with a discount, such as a lesson card or earlybird tickets for workshops.

Terms and conditions
Wearing a safety helmet and proper riding shoes during the riding lessons is obligated at all times. The rider is at all times responsible for his/her own safety and that of their horse. Joëlle takes no responsibility for any damage/injuries that may occur during the lesson or goods that get missing or damaged. When you cancel your lesson within 24 hours of the start of your lesson, the full price of the lesson is still required (with few exeptions). If you bring your own horse to my place, your horse should be vaccinated according to the health requirements, in order to protect the well-being of the other horses.

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