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My name is Joëlle de Sterke. For as long as I can remember I have loved horses and all that comes with it. When I was 5 years old I started riding at a riding school. When I was 11 we got our own first horse. After a couple of years we added yet another horse to the family. With that horse I have been competing for a few years in dressage and jumping competitions. In addition I have trained horses from other people.

In 2009 I came into contact with the Academic art of riding. Vingino had severe back problems at the time and could not be ridden. I then started training with Marion Alblas. Handwork has made him more flexible and stronger. After half a year he could be ridden again. Since 2011 I started training with Ylvie Fros. After completing a Master Class at her place I started riding in clinics with Bent Branderup, the grandmaster and founder of the Academic art of riding. In the summer of 2015 I became a Squire in the Academic art of riding. Furthermore, I am a Centered Riding© instructor since 2015 and earned my upgrade to level 2 in 2020. Finally I am an ORUN instructor since 2017.

Working with horses means working on yourself. I have learned a lot of all my instructors, but horses are the best tutors. The beautiful thing is that you can always keep on developing yourself. This is what I would like to communicate to others. For me combining  theory, technique and feeling in a way that horse and human become one is a priority. To achieve this I use my experience with Natural Horsemanship, Centered Riding and the Academic art of riding.

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You can see some of my training with Vingino in de videos below

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